In order to build out connected devices within the Medical and Healthcare space, we have to bring multiple parties together who often have different incentives and goals. Our conference is built upon the following premise:

Creating Constructive Dialogs Around Connected Medical & Healthcare.

Nathan Cress, KConfs Organizer

Our hometown, Minneapolis, Minnesota is considered the center of the world’s medical design and healthcare. We have set up a fascinating conference to give medical and healthcare professionals, practitioners and underwriters critical insights and knowledge about how connected device technology and other trends will impact these industries. Check our the official MedFuse website, and our brochure here:

MedFuse Website MedFuse Brochure

Minneapolis: Geography of Dense Expertise

  • Minneapolis and the Twin Cities area at large has long been recognized as the world’s center for Medical Device and Equipment design, while at the same time being a major center for healthcare services.

  • These two industries are becoming increasingly intertwined through the usage and emergence of “IoMT” or the “Internet of Medical Things,” which encompasses connected medical devices, equipment, wearables and of course the vast quantity of healthcare, diagnosis and health related data, and the myriad of mathematical methods to compare and find insights within this particular type of data and the new connected IoMT devices coming out all the time.

Discovering The Bottom Line

  • While it is of course interesting and exciting to think about this technical trend, what we at KConfs have found through running conferences and events over time is that often there is a lot of fluff, and it is critical to be able to talk to real experts from diverse industry sets to be able to form a truer picture of what’s going on in the marketplace.

  • We invite you to join us and contribute to this fascinating, knowledge-centric conference and workshop series, the first of its kind, right here in Minnesota where the center of the healthcare and medical device action is, in order to have constructive, collaborative conversations around these topics, generate new ideas, build valuable relationships and most importantly build a clearer picture of where the world is going to be in the near future.