IoT Fuse was built based upon a simple premise:

Bring together the doers, practitioners, makers and the business executives to invent the future of IoT.

Patrick Delaney KConfs Founder, IoT Fuse Co-Founder

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Community-Focused Beginnings

  • The tech world had recently woken up and realized that with easily connectable wireless platforms and cloud services being easy to access - the Internet of Things was a real possibility. Of course, the knowledge and know-how about how to actually accomplish that connectivity was still fairly sparse.

Sustained Growth

  • Between 2015 and 2018, we focused on sourcing, organizing and categorizing knowledge in the IoT space for attendees to build connections, with the idea being that the connections built at our conference should grow the economy.

  • As a result we had sustainable growth over the years - growing from a small, completely volunteer-run conference into one of the most nationally recognized conferences of its kind.

IoT Fuse Growth Rate

Year Location Attendees
2015 University of Minnesota 256
2016 University of St. Thomas 423
2017 Minneapolis Convention Center 1048
2018 Minneapolis Convention Center 1200

Sponsors have included:

  • Mozilla, Microsoft, Digi International, Samsung, Amazon, Digikey, Arrow, Cypress, Google Cloud …and many more!

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